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Monday, December 08, 2014

Mrs Egeland Apologises

Dear Readers,

I’m writing to apologise for my absence. It mightn’t be over yet.

The last few months, I have been struggling with some personal issues, that I would love to share with you but I don’t know quite how without sounding like I’m whinging.

My health has worsened. To the point where I’m teetering on the edge of a total breakdown again, this time I’m emotionally stronger. But I’m not sure how long I will be able to last.

My creative impulses are still there but I’m not making anything new, I’m not writing hardly at all, what little creativity that is created is mediocre and not worth anyone’s attention. The new blog lies unused and unappreciated, as I am unable to cope with the level of stress creating a new form for this blog would entail.

The only really worthy creation is my novel, which is right in the middle of publication. Artwork and cover colours are really the only honest-to-good creation I am able to work on, and that is in conjunction with a layout artist and my editor, so my input is minimal.

Unfortunately, I can’t share that with you, not yet, because I’m anxious that the results be seen at their finish rather than half-way through.

Its closing in to the world’s biggest, most expensive festival, Christmas. Something I personal don’t celebrate, so I’m not even doing anything for that. I have a GREAT idea for a homemade decoration that could be customised for every occasion, but even that lies stagnant inside my head as I am too exhausted to even near my sewing machine.

Sometimes, there are moments in life when health, mental and physical have to take precedence over everything else. It seems that if I could just improve a little, I would have the impetus to get back to blogging, creating and sharing the results with you all.

At the moment though, I feel stuck in a rut. As if I had fallen down a deep pit and without a huge shift I can’t get out. No matter how hard I try to pull myself out, to call for help, to see the light I can’t. I merely wear my already worn body out.

So for now, you lovely readers will have to wait it out. I have hope to be able to show you my new book in the next few months.

Thanks for you patience,

Until next time,


Thursday, June 21, 2007

Emoticons - Necessary or Irritation?

You know what I mean, I'm sure. You're chatting to some friend on MSN or some other AIM and suddenly you having to decipher hieroglyphics. Emoticons, love them or hate them, they do come in use when trying to give and idea of how you feel on any given subject.
But where do we draw the line? Sure they're sometimes cute, and mostly funny, but is a sentence with more than five emoticons a signal to someone's sanity? Or worse, maturity? When you have to spend a full two minutes trying to figure out what someone has said because they've got more emoticon's than physical words, you begin to wonder. When you find yourself looking through your custom smiley's thinking, "oh I didn't know I had that!", then you wonder what the hell you've got them all for.
While smiley's and emoticons, whatever you prefer to call them, are cute and add a touch of colour to your messages, have they become the graffiti of AIM? I'm no smiley t-totaler either, I regularly use kiss smiley's, winking emoticons and others in my own instant messages. But when they become the message instead of the mere highlighter, I have to wonder whether we becoming intellectually stumped. I'm being harsh, I suppose, on those of us who enjoy the vivid emoticons that fill their messages.
I prefer to write flat text and add smiley's on the end of my sentences, that way everyone can read, without deciphering what I've put.
Even I have too many, ones I hardly ever use and occasionally parade out for my friends to see or steal. Some I've stolen myself from other friends, and I loathe to remove them. The only problem with this electronic hording is that once my computer changes, or crashes all those smiley's go up in smoke and the collection begins again.
Are emoticons AIM graffiti, a peep at the soul of the writer or an unnecessary irritation? Do they give some sort idea of the chatter's psyche? Should we worry that the smiley's we use are mental fingerprints of our messages? Or is this just an over analysis of a shallow topic?

Something I'm pretty good at, over analyzing things. My own particular curse. The writer's bane, maybe? Or is the flowery and blossoming use of smiley's and emoticons just another symptom of the ever decreasing global I.Q? It seems evident that we're all slipping into a degenerate state idiocy? Even the more intelligent have become mentally lazy, our creativity is either psychotically sick or childishly backward. So is emoticons just another evidence of humanities decreasing intelligence?

The answer is in the minds of others, more intelligent than I. Over and out