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Monday, December 08, 2014

Mrs Egeland Apologises

Dear Readers,

I’m writing to apologise for my absence. It mightn’t be over yet.

The last few months, I have been struggling with some personal issues, that I would love to share with you but I don’t know quite how without sounding like I’m whinging.

My health has worsened. To the point where I’m teetering on the edge of a total breakdown again, this time I’m emotionally stronger. But I’m not sure how long I will be able to last.

My creative impulses are still there but I’m not making anything new, I’m not writing hardly at all, what little creativity that is created is mediocre and not worth anyone’s attention. The new blog lies unused and unappreciated, as I am unable to cope with the level of stress creating a new form for this blog would entail.

The only really worthy creation is my novel, which is right in the middle of publication. Artwork and cover colours are really the only honest-to-good creation I am able to work on, and that is in conjunction with a layout artist and my editor, so my input is minimal.

Unfortunately, I can’t share that with you, not yet, because I’m anxious that the results be seen at their finish rather than half-way through.

Its closing in to the world’s biggest, most expensive festival, Christmas. Something I personal don’t celebrate, so I’m not even doing anything for that. I have a GREAT idea for a homemade decoration that could be customised for every occasion, but even that lies stagnant inside my head as I am too exhausted to even near my sewing machine.

Sometimes, there are moments in life when health, mental and physical have to take precedence over everything else. It seems that if I could just improve a little, I would have the impetus to get back to blogging, creating and sharing the results with you all.

At the moment though, I feel stuck in a rut. As if I had fallen down a deep pit and without a huge shift I can’t get out. No matter how hard I try to pull myself out, to call for help, to see the light I can’t. I merely wear my already worn body out.

So for now, you lovely readers will have to wait it out. I have hope to be able to show you my new book in the next few months.

Thanks for you patience,

Until next time,


Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Ph Miracle

You're probably wondering what the heck I'm talking about, after all until my hunk clued me in I didn't have the faintest about it. Robert.O.Young and his wife Shelly have come across a truly amazing way to live life just that little bit fuller. I'm not saying it's a cure all, although the author claims it is and has testimonial evidence to back it up, what I'm saying is that I have had a cold for the regular 10 days and instead of finding myself on day 5 on the phone to my boss to ask for a day off, I've managed to suffer and carry on going with only mild discomfort. Okay, so your probably saying, what's the big deal? Doesn't everyone drag their butts to work with a horrendous head cold. Except that although slowed somewhat, I've managed to go to work everyday without so much as a cough sweet or a painkiller, can you say the same? My energy levels have risen to such an extent that I'm able to get straight out of bed in the morning with barely a whimper, and go to bed and to sleep soundly in a matter of moments. I have enough energy to feel completely awake at 10 o'clock at night. This is all due to the liquid fast and green drink suppliment, besides feeling at the top of my game, even with a cold, I've also lost 7 kilos in a matter of 10 days and I'm still going strong. Yes it's hard to live on nothing but vegetable juice (homemade, no preservatives) and vegetable soup (no fat, no salt) for 10 days and the first 5 were the hardest, craving everything from spare ribs to tuna fish sandwiches, but looking at myself and feeling the way I do I can see all the effort has paid off. Today was my first day with solid food, my first meal was eaten remembering that we should all "drink our food and eat our drink", I've slowed down my eating for the first time in the 26 years I've had teeth. I didn't have indigestion, except a slightly odd feeling of being actually full instead of just full of liquid, I didn't worry that I was eating too fast, my hubbie-to-be actually finished his meal before me (a rarity, just ask him or my father), I found myself enjoying every mouthful even more than I'd ever done before. Yes I had to remind myself to continue chewing those few minutes more, but I'm certain that this is something that will in time become second nature. I no longer physically crave sweets, bread, meat, dairy or any of the things that before were mainstays of my existence. That's not to say that when I see something in the shop I don't mentally think, "oohh, should I have some of that," its just that now I can tell myself, "No, you don't need it, your not even hungry, you've lived without it for 10 days you can go ahead and carry on without it." Although those moments have considerably decreased and I can go into any shop and no look longingly at the candy section, or having to have a inner struggle about buying any. All in all I'm living proof that Robert.O. Young is right on the money, and no it doesn't mean I can't enjoy those things now and again, just that from now on it will be more often again than now. Over and out, your convinced blogger.