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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Mrs Egeland Is Inspired

But unfortunately not to write a blog post.

9960_women-fantasy-art-elves-artwork-sakimichan-1920x1080-wallpaper_2560x1600You see I am a writer, an unpublished author and my novel is waiting to be published via Amazon e-books. You can read the “blurb” on the “Mrs Egeland’s Other Projects” page which you will find on the right.

I am so devoted to my characters that I had decided that I would write at least two more novels, one about the characters parents and another about the characters 1o years on. Except that getting my novel published has taken such a lot out of me, with drafts and the simple pressures of getting things done, that there has been no time or basically any inspiration to write.

I think as well that by deciding to write two more novels about the same set of people, or at least the same setting has stifled my inspiration.

Not so long ago I met a young woman, a sprite of creative spark, she’s a graphic artist who writes her own graphic novels. She’s young and full of vigour, she has her own style and generally a wonderful person. She is the sister-in-law of my friend, one of my best friends, a woman who has raw talent, seemingly unlimited patience and four beautiful children. This friend and her husband live in beautiful Kvinnherad, which is quite a distance from the city of Bergen and thankfully my husband and her husband are good friends. So we occasionally take a weekend and go visit, and that’s when this little sprite shows me all her drawings.

This time, on my way home, I tried to picture my little sprite as one of my characters, and I was inspired. Suddenly I could see her, her hair streaming out behind her, her arms outstretched with a piercing light shining behind her. I don’t know what this character is, or who, or even if she’s going to be in one of the books, but I know that she needs a story. She can’t just inhabit my mind, even if she is based on my friend, she must live in fiction.

As I said, I’m inspired, but not really to write blog posts.

I hope that I will soon be able to tell you where you can acquire my first novel, so that you can all read it and tell me what you think. I’d love to know, its nothing like this blog! However its the facets of a personality that makes it interesting. Creativity comes in all shapes and sizes, domestic and otherwise.

Until next time

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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Life lost nobody

That's me. It sounds like I'm being hugely self critical but honestly, I'm 25 (yes, it's my real age) and I still have no clue what I'm supposed to do with my life. Half of my friends are married and the rest are trying to make a career for themselves. I didn't go to college/further education I moved to Spain, I didn't want to go to further education, to be perfectly honest I couldn't see the point. So here's my dilema, now I'm here, my only true talent is writing and that is because they taught me how to do that at the age of 5 and continued to teach me right up to high school. I'm at a relatively young age but where as all my peers are already happily on the road of life, I sit here unsure what talent I actually do have. I've never taken the time to find out what I'm good at, and so I sit and ponder what I want to do with my life, waiting as I usually do for something to come along and take the decision away from me. My question is how can you possibly know for sure at 17 or 18 what you want to do with your life? So that you can choose what to study? Study something that will give you qualification that you will use for the rest of your life? How is that possible? You don't marry the person you meet at 17... so why make a choice that will dictate your life at college?

Some of my friends say that they spent college trying to figure that out, and that mostly they just studied the most economically course. The one that would eventually make them the most money. Only my dear artistic friends did something that they really felt strongely about, they went to art college.

My life has been lived in the "university of life" and although it's given me a hugely matured, open minded view of the world, it hasn't given as many qualifications as I would like. Thankfully I still have the opportunity to try my hand at studying, but it will mostly be vocational training.
Furniture renovation and practical things like that. That's something that has developed out of a love of furniture and interior design, not because I went to college. So still my question is left unanswered, and I suppose that it's something that everyone has to answer for themselves. Personally although I'm glad I didn't go to further education because it gave me other opportunities, I would like to retrain and maybe the next twenty years of my life doing something completely different. Over and out.