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Monday, June 06, 2016

Mrs Egeland Confesses: I'd Make A Lousy Fifties Housewife

Yes, readers it's true. I've come to accepted that I would have made an absolute pigs-ear of being a good housewife in the 1950's.

As much as I would love to live the lifestyle others have so bravely and dedicatedly taken on, living to as far as possible to the standards and social norms of that era I do not. As much as I admire the ways of life, the traditional stay at home wife role, the domestic goddess who always looked her best and kept her husband happy, in an age of patience and good manners, in a simpler time, I have come to accept that had I been born, had my personality been as it is today, I would have made a horrible housewife.

I am at heart an artist, a creative who will quite happily sit and paint rather than wash the floor. I can easily get zoned- out whilst writing or drawing and completely ignore the war zone of dirty dishes in the sink and the hoovering left undone.

A Woman Of My Era

I like my home to be tidy and clean, as do we all, but so long as there are plates to eat off and clothes to wear I can and will leave the chores until later to do something more enjoyable, more creative. I have more self-will than self-control and as much as I dream of the day when I will be able to stay on top of my laundry, ironing, cleaning schedule in a zen-like state, with perfectly coiffured hair, and manicured nails I know that in reality, that day, is far off and quite possibly will never arrive.

I am, it has to be said, a woman of my era. I work part-time, I find entertainment online and via my iPhone, I like using my free time to pamper myself and indulge in my passions. I am not as organized as I could be, not always on top of my chores, I expect my husband to do half of them, I don't bake as much as I'd like, although I cook daily, and as much as my little heart yearns for the pastimes of past times I find my knitting is always half done and my sewing is always waiting to be finished. Even this blog has, as you will have noticed, fallen by the wayside.

Without the modern conveniences of a dishwasher, a tumble dryer and a washing machine would I have to spend more time washing dishes and doing my laundry? No doubt I would, and that would require my spending more of my free time doing those things, but I doubt that it would make me more organized. Because at my core I am a creative, go-with-the-flow, spontaneous sprite who revels in writing fantasy novels and painting pictures of Vespas whilst listening to big band music and RPG soundtracks.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Domestic Divines: Ms Ester’s Handbag Tutorial

So I am back for a while and look what a gift we’ve been given. Aren’t you a lucky lot! The fabulous Ms Ester, whom I interviewed here, has kindly given me and therefore you a wonderful tutorial. Translated by me, Mrs Egeland.
Sometimes we have to take little things from home to one place or another, and we can never find how to do that. This project is especially made for those situations, when you have to transport all those little things we need to hand in a cute and fun little bag, that allows to enjoy moments of entertainment and leisure time.
Its so easy that you can make in a moment and enjoy it for longer. You will find that once you’ve made one, you won’t be able to stop. It makes for an original gift for friends, and surely you won’t only enjoy making it but by giving it as a gift you’ll also be making others happy. 

Here’s The How To

  • Cardboard
  • 2 fabrics for the exterior 30x22 cm and for the handles 4x33
  • 2 fabrics for the interior 30x22 cm
  • Fabric for the applique decoration
  • 2 waddings 30x22 cm
Step 1: We cut the fabric and the handles.
Step 2: We draw two shapes on the cardboard. 
Step 3: We cut out the pattern with paper scissors and then use it to cut out the same shapes from Visofix paper that is sticks on one side.
Step 4: Next we cut the pattern out of a different fabric from the exterior fabric. We sew this to the exterior fabric to decorate it. I used a blanket stitch so that the heart wouldn’t fray.
Step 5: We sew the straps for the handles. Turn them right way around and iron them.
Step 6: Now we start assembling our little bag. To do that we put the wadding, next the exterior fabric the right way up and one of the handles, on top of that the lining fabric the wrong way up. We sew the top. We do the same with other part of the bag.
Step 7: Now we open the two parts, right with right, so that the linings are together in one half, and we sew the edge leaving a part of the lining open, in this way we can use it to turn the little bag the right way around. We sew a triangle in the four corners and cut the rest of the fabric, to make the shape of the bag more squared off. 
Step 8: Turn the little bag the right way around, and sew with opening in the lining with invisible stitch.
And now the adorable little bag is finished. I hope you enjoy it and that you enjoy sewing it.

Mrs Egeland’s Final Thank You

That is a wonderful tutorial and I’m sure that everyone will enjoy making it. Thank you so very much Ms Ester!
Don’t forget, dear readers, to subscribe and comment. We’d love to see photos of your bags.
Until next time,

Thursday, June 05, 2014

Domestic Divines: Ester Montoya

Its that about time that I introduced you to another inspirationally creative person. This person’s name is Ester Montoya, and she’s originally from Barcelona, the place celebrated for Gaudi and awe-inspiring architecture, including the mind-blowing Sagrada Familia Cathedral.

Perhaps that’s why Ms. Ester is such a crafter, and when I say crafter I really mean artist. She makes toys, book covers, anything and everything, and the only thing she won’t make is clothing. She’s a creative ideas machine, pumping out gifts, and beautiful things for her home and friends.

She is inspiration all by herself, so I am very lucky that she consented to give me an interview.

Mrs Egeland’s Note: This was written by Ms. Ester, however I translated it.

IMG-20140604-WA0020[1]Hola, my name is Ester. I was born and raised in Barcelona, Spain, in a beautiful neighbourhood very close to the tallest mountain of the city. Right now I live in Norway with my family. It has been a great change that has helped me value the dearest people that I have left behind, and to get lots of new friendships, some of them have become family so far away from my home.

  • How would you describe your style?

IMG-20140604-WA0018[1]I’ve always loved Vintage style, because I’m drawn to objects and clothes from other eras, and as has been seen through time, fashions always return. Also I find Rustic style quite attractive, even to the furniture of the houses of that period. On the other hand, I’m passionate about country style, and I think its my favourite, perhaps because it brings me lots of happy memories of my childhood. IMG-20140604-WA0017[1]But since I arrived in to live in Norway, the Nordic style has grown in me in an impressive way and its reflected in the way I decorate my home and all the things I design for it. Therefore, I consider that my own style is a combination of the various aspects of what I have mentioned. 


I Love Vintage Style

  • How would you describe your interior design style?

Well as I have said, I love the Nordic style. In fact, the colour white predominates in my home because it gives me the sensation of space and light. I try to not overwhelm it too much, because I dream of one day having a minimalist home, but I still haven’t quite managed it….. Hehehe. IMG-20140604-WA0022[1]I love to decorate my home with little things that I have made as well. I’m always making some fabric decoration, my favourites. I change them out and give them as presents, but I always have a new ideas, things that could be hung from curtains, or ornaments for any room.


I’m Immensely Grateful!

  • If someone were to give you a housewarming present what would you hope it would be?

I love presents, and so long as someone has thought about me, it really doesn’t matter to me what it is.. As they say, its the thought that counts. But if I was given the chance to choose, something to do with the world of crafting..  I love everything.. be it fabric, buttons, thread, scrapbooking paper, etc…. Just recently I received, together with other presents a Big Shot machine, to punch patterns into paper for scrapbooking. I love it, and the people that gave it to me know that I’m immensely grateful. And since you asking, today, I would ask for a sewing machine.. Mine is quite small and I would love to take my crafting to the next level.IMG-20140604-WA0021[1]


  • In what aspect of your life do you think you were most creative?

This is an easy question to answer. When I had my son.. I always have carried inside a lot of creativity, I remember that since I was little I loved to invent my own stories and poetry.. In fact I have written two story books during my childhood and some poetry in my youth, I still have them and I’ve kept them with a lot of love. But when my son was born, my life changed a lot, everything changed, I think my creativity grew. I love making things for him, and as he’s gotten older, we make things together.. until today. I think he’s inherited my creativity and his father’s, that you could say is the double of mine. That’s why, lots of winter afternoon, we enjoy spending around the table, creating and sharing unique moments together. 


An Antique Singer

  • Is their a favourite piece of furniture/art/decoration/clothing in your life, and what is it?

IMG-20140604-WA0024[1]Yes, it’s my husband’s grandmother’s sewing machine. It’s an antique Singer with a treadle case.  It’s inn my parents house, since it still works and my mother gets a lot of use out of it. For me, its not only a beautifully useful machine, but also an ornamental piece for the home, that gives a sense of stateliness and luxury.



  • If the worst happened and you had to rush out of your home and never return, what is the one thing you wouldn’t be able to leave behind?

There are lots of things in my home that I love, but I believe me when I say that I could leave it all without a problem. If tomorrow I had to abandon my things, I wouldn’t have a problem. Perhaps its because I have had to move  and been obliged to get rid of things that were really important to me, and life has gone on and I haven’t missed anything. IMG-20140604-WA0019[1]However there is something that, saying that I would try to save somehow, if there was a fire for example. Its my wedding album, and all the photo albums that my sister has made me over the years. I have them all in a box, they are my treasures. 


  • Would you consider yourself a modern woman or do you love an era of the past, and if so, what era?

Well, although I love retro and Vintage styles, I consider myself quite a modern woman, in as much as I really like the look that we have today and those styles. Besides which, I like combining styles from the past with those of today, I think its a good way of never being bored with a style.

Mrs Egeland’s Note: Ms Ester has just described Modern Vintage, although perhaps she is more modern than vintage. IMG-20140604-WA0023[1]

Love… Always Results in Success

  • What is your latest project?

Right now, I have a few on hand. At the moment I’m working hard on some orders for some brochure folders and some fabric cake carriers. At the same time, I’m making myself a photo album of the photos from my anniversary. I’m doing it little by little, and if for example, when I’m shopping, I see something that I think will go well with the album, well I buy it. So that still I don’t know what the final result will look like, but I’m putting all my love into it and that always results in success. 


  • What is your passion?

IMG-20140308-WA0007[1]Well, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, sewing and working with paper are two of my passions, that I love to spend most of my time on. But my life is dedicated to something more important, that’s my God and my family. Everything has its place, and although I’m passionate about these two hobbies, I always put the more important things first, as much for me as for my loved ones.  


  • If there was one thing about your life that you could change, what would it be?

When I was younger, I always thought about the things that I should change in my life, but now, looking back, I think that I couldn’t change anything because every one of the experiences that I’ve had, good or bad, have made me into the happy person I am today. That’s why, I can only give thanks for all that I have, including you my friend. 

Thank you for asking me to do this interview Davita. I’ve enjoyed answering your questions, its the first time I’ve ever done something like this. So I hope your readers enjoy it. I’m super happy to be a part of your project and I hope with all my heart that you are successful.  

Mrs Egeland’s Reply: Thank you Ester for doing this interview. We wait eagerly for your tutorial.

If you would like to order anything from Ms Ester’s collection, or you are interested in seeing more of what she makes. Please comment below and I will make sure that your requests are passed on, please remember that there maybe shipping costs outside of Norway.

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Until next time