Mrs Egeland's Other Projects

After a lot of hard work my book is finally available for download at Amazon. Click on the title to go straight to there and download your copy to your Kindle, iPad or other tablet device.

The Saga of Alaga

Seven adventurers separately begin on a journey that will bring them together, leading them to their mutual destiny. Join Agatha and six others, as they discover that they are not alone and that they share more than a mere destination. Join them as they begin on an adventure that leads them into the fight of their lives, a fight of good versus evil against an insane dictator. Follow them as along the way they discover love, friendship and long lost family. Will they succeed against the evil and maniacal EnevalĂ ? Or will their strength fail at her embittered hands? But then not only will they fail, but so will the ever hoping people of Ha’al. May the Goddess be with them!


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