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Lisa Freemont Pages
Ashley is a fun, spunky mother of three (I think), and one of my Youtube idols out of the USA. She has oodles of vintage style, which she liberally shares with all of us Vintage doll wannabe's via her YouTube channel and her blog.

50's Housewife
A hobby blog written by a Christian housewife who remains anonymous, but who's aims and principles mirror my own. She too is attracted to the image of the 1950's housewife that stayed at home and took care of her family. Unfortunately she hasn't posted much lately, not since 2011. A shame as I dearly enjoy her wit and wisdom.

Yesterday Girl
Written by Jenni, a member of the Vintage Mafia, alongside Fleur de Guerre who writes "Diary of a Vintage Girl". She is a retro/vintage/repro model, who's blog sparkles with that vintage glamour that I can't help but love. It is blogs like hers that made me realise I could never be a vintage blogger in the same way.

Mias Landliv
A hobby blog written by Mia from her beautiful smallholding home in Norway. She writes about her crafts, shows beautiful photos of her surroundings and is wonderfully domestic. She has quite a following!

Leaving Work Behind
My inspiration! Tom Ewer, founded the blog originally and through his determination and will he was able to do what most of us dream of and leave his 9-5 job behind to pursue his dream of living his life, and making a living from his passion. Its his blog and his team that inspired me to try and make my own blog something more than a hobby!

Diary of a Vintage Girl
Written by Fleur de Guerre, a vintage model, writer, events manager, part of the Vintage Mafia. She does occasionally post videos on YouTube, but her blog is more developed. She is one of those blogger's I can't help but look up to.

Queens of Vintage
An online magazine for all things vintage, from profiles of excellent examples of Vintage Style Queen's and Kings to articles on making life a little more vintage.

A stay-at-home Mom from Western Wisconsin with three boys who is obsessed with organizing her home so that it can be a more effective home so she can spend more time with her family. She's a full time writer with buckets of ideas!

Divas Can Cook
Monique is a Diva who can cook, and got sick of being told she couldn't cook, because she is fabulous! She also got tired of having friends and family calling her for recipes. She takes old classic recipes that Grandma made and simplifies them leaving in the comfort but cutting down the time.

made to be a Momma
Katie is a young stay at home mom of two. She, like me, always wanted to be a wife and mother, and her blog allows her to share what she's good at and gives her the opportunity to continue being a stay at home mom. She writes about crafting projects, recipes and her family life.

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