Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Mrs Egeland's Adventures In Carpet Cleaning

Strictly speaking this isn't my recipe, I like the good 21st Century homemaker that I am googled it and found it somewhere else. However I did quadruple the measure and with a bucket and sponge scrub my large geometric patterned area rug, which though it has been cleaned regularly hasn't been white in about two years.
Here we have said rug under our old coffee table

Now I know most of you will have done these kinds of labours in the springtime, except this spring wasn't particularly healthy for me and the weather was horrendous, then summer came and we went to the south coast of Norway on holiday and well time, as it does, flowed by and left me hoping for some unseasonably good autumn weather to get this job done before the winter rains and snow settle in.

Thankfully, I was fortunate enough to get some, and while it doesn't bode well for environment or ozone layer, it quite answered this homemaker's prayer.

You will find the recipe and another more informative blog here. To increase this and use it as an all natural carpet shampoo, I turned all the teaspoons in to tablespoons and put in about a liter of water.

And so, armed with my bucket, my sponge and the aforementioned grubby area rug I sallied forth to behind the apartment building where I live, and blessed the 1960 something builders for having the sense to build a now fairly disused outside clothes line with concrete base. Where I unrolled the offending area rug and began to scrub.

Of course, it didn't occur to me that the bloomin' dickens would be twice the weight after I had scrubbed and rinsed it with four buckets of water, until I tried, in vain to hang the thing over the thick steel piping that holds the, now unused, clothes line.

However being the stubborn mule of a woman that I am, and refusing to give up, because I knew it wouldn't dry otherwise I rolled that sainted area rug up and bending with my knees hauled it over aforesaid piping; and so it hangs like a geometric burrito dripping for all it's worth and I pray that in a few hours when some of the water has dripped out it will be once again light enough to unroll.

I also pray fervently that the darned thing dries before the beginning of next week, when the weather forecast tells us this patch of dry sunny weather will return to Bergen's finest rainy season once more. Because if not, I will be kicking myself for thinking I could get this particular pesky job done this year!

Unfortunately the carpet was hiding a few coffee stains and sticky residues underneath so one job has brought me yet another, oh well, as I sigh in the customary resignation of homemakers everywhere, at least washing the floor won't be as strenuous as washing the forsaken area rug.

Until next time, my patient and long suffering readers,

Mrs Egeland

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