Monday, July 07, 2014

Mrs Egeland’s 100th post

Its a great day for me, you are about to read my 100th post! I’m really amazed I managed to write so much.IMG_1378

Firstly let me just show you how the breast feeding shawl turned out. IMG_1353Thank you very much to my dear friend Vivacious Vi for allowing me to show her image here. This photo was taken at the baby shower, thank you all who contributed to its success.

My 100th Post

Hooray for me! Alright, so I will admit that this is my 100th post since the beginning of this blog’s incarnation, which is probably cheating but I thought it deserved to be celebrated anyway.

Especially since I won’t be posting for at least a week! However when I return I will bring you tales of travels and whatever recipes I can pick up.

To celebrate my 100th post I thought I would bring you a tutorial made from Post It’s. Zany? Perhaps, but like the first year of marriage which is traditionally a paper wedding… I decided that this would be the first of many.

Post It Flowers

To make Post It flowers you will need:IMG_1380

  • Post it’s, or other paper notelets.
  • Sticky tape
  • Drinking Straws
  • Wasabi tape

In this tutorial I only used Post It Notes, although I’m sure you could use any space, colour or type of paper notelets.

Let’s Begin!IMG_1381

Start by taking your first notelet and rolling it into a cone, small enough to slip into the top of your drinking straw.



IMG_1382It should be thick enough not to need too much add tape to hold it in place.



Begin by taking your second notelet and wrapping it around the straw. So that it bells IMG_1383out slightly and leaves a point sticking up at the top.






Something like that.

Congratulations, you have made you first flower petal!

You may find you need to secure this with a piece of sticky tape. Feel free to do so.

This is basically how you are going to make your entire flower. Simply by repeating this step.


However when you get around half way, then you can start folding the petal edges down. IMG_1388


Continue wrapping notelets around the flower, doing around four petals at at time, and then folding them over. Until it looks something like this:


When you have reached a stage where you think it looks enough like a rose for your satisfaction. Then you can get the Wasabi tape out. I managed to get a hold of green wasabi tape, but of course you could use whatever coloured or patterned wasabi tape you like. IMG_1392

After that you should have something that looks like this. IMG_1394

They are so easy to make, that I made up five without to much time at all. IMG_1398

Well what do you think? I am quite happy with them.  Happy 100th Post! Please leave a comment and tell me what you think. Subscribe and don’t miss out on my new posts!

I would love to see any photos of your versions.

Until next time,