Thursday, July 03, 2014

Splendid Sewing: A Breast-Feeding Shawl

I wasn’t going to put this up until after the weekend, because this is a tutorial showing how I made a baby shower present. Except that if I put off posting this then I won’t be able to put up the celebratory 100th post. So here is my tutorial for a breast feeding shawl.

If you Google “how to make a breastfeeding shawl” you will find numerous clever ways that produce something akin to an apron with a underwire in it to make a little peephole for momma. This is not that kind of breast feeding shawl. This is a shawl or scarf that I made of silk, (I happened to have acquired a meter), it has press-studs but can easily been worn as a general cover up.

Unfortunately I have already wrapped it up, so I can’t show you what it looks like finished because I stupidly forgot to take a photo when I was done. I will post a photo of it being modelled on Monday. 

To Start You Will Need:

  • A quantity of lightweight material.
  • A sewing machine
  • 10 press studs
  • Thread
  • Sewing Needle
  • An iron

And about two days maximum to make it.

  1. Measure a piece of lightweight material by holding it against your upper body. It should be a bit wider than your shoulders and long enough for you to be able to close it in the front when you hang it around your shoulders.IMG_0820
  2. Cut said material to your desired width and length.
  3. Fold the edges in and iron them flat, I had to do this because of the silk being so smooth and slippery. You may find you don’t need to.IMG_0815
  4. Set up and sit at your sewing machine. Practise on a spare piece of fabric to make sure you have the right tension.
  5. Run a straight, plain line of stitching down each of the folded edges, try and make it as straight as you can. In the end you won’t see these stitches to much but it will make life a little easier if they are as straight as possible. After this the rest is hand sewing.IMG_1326
  6. Put the edged piece of fabric around you neck and figure out where you want to put your first press stud. This one needs to be high enough to stay modest, but low enough for momma to see her baby when she looks down.
  7. Sew the press studs on the outer edge, the pretty side where you can’t see the folded free edge. Space them out, remembering to have one press stud at the bottom and leaving enough space to fold the edge up again without folding over the stud. IMG_1327
  8. Once all the studs are sown on to the scarf, start with the wide edge and fold it over one more time, using an invisible hem stitch carefully sew the edge down. IMG_1328
  9. Once the wide edge is done, do the same to the long edge, so that the press stud eventually faces the inner side. IMG_1329

You should have a pretty scarf with hidden press studs that means momma can close them over herself should she feel the need.

So that is how I made a breast feeding shawl for my friend’s baby shower. I may take photos of making cake pops to post sometime next week, also for my friend’s baby shower.

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Monday, June 30, 2014

Away From My Desk

Dearest Readers,

I haven’t written any posts for today. This last weekend was a very special religious event for me and my family and because I was busy celebrating and learning I haven’t had time to do anything to post up. Never fear though, I will be back and busy by Thursday!

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