Thursday, June 19, 2014

Mrs Egeland’s Art of Scrapbooking

I’d like to apologise for my absence on Monday, sometimes ill health just gets the best of me and I just couldn’t find the strength or the will power to get to my laptop and compose a blog post for you all.

Since last I wrote I’ve had a few suggestions for blog posts, and believe me all of them were taken into consideration and have gone into the pot. As soon as I’ve boiled them in my brain a bit I will get them out to the world.

Today, though I thought I would show you some of the things that I find difficult to post tutorials about. Scrapbooking. Or well, I don’t know if that is quite the right term for it. IMG_1269

I’ve made scrapbooks since I was a kid, and it started when me and my brother found my grandfather’s scrapbook that he made as a youngster of planes. All pictures and articles cut out of magazines and newspapers of airplanes. We wanted to make scrapbooks too and so we bought a book of rough paper and glued in things that we found. Then my parents helped make scrapbooks about our holidays with photographs and postcards, writing diaries during our vacations to document the things we done. We said they were ship logs and now that we are older and both married we can look back at them and read them and remember the great childhood we had.

Now I use scrapbooking to tell stories, to make books for my memories that my children (when we eventually have some) will be able to read and enjoy, and to collect recipes. I’m sure there are many other things you could use scrapbooking for, but I hope this little look at my scrapbooks will inspire you.

So the first of my scrapbooks is a recipe book. Its my second recipe book, I’ve collected lots of recipes and this one is all in metallic ink on black paper. IMG_1270IMG_1271IMG_1272

I’ve drawn illustrations in between the recipes, and I haven’t really glued anything in at all. Which is why I wonder if you can really call it a scrapbook. I love collecting recipes, and I don’t really like looking at them on my computer, besides this way I can be creative with a practical use.

The next one is my family book. When I met my husband I started this book, I wanted a book for our wedding but I couldn’t really afford to get one made with all our photos, so I decided to make one instead. It developed into a book where we can put stories about holidays and events, special moments in our life. IMG_1274IMG_1275IMG_1276

I’ve written about vacations like my family used to, so that one day I can look back on them. Its filled with photos, postcards and stories about us.

The third one is very different, its a story book. When I was a teenager I wanted to write a story about a fictitious family that went on adventures. They are called the Boggles and as with any creation, I love them all! IMG_1277IMG_1278IMG_1279

I drew all the drawings and wrote most of the stories by hand. Its a strange little book and a few of my friends have said that it should be published. Maybe, one day, I will see if I can get it published.

The last book is also a story book. It started because a friend of mine was feeling down, like love would never come to her and so one night, when I was staying with her we made up a story about how she would find true love. It was such a good story that I just had to write it down, and then I started making stories for other friends and although I haven’t finished it yet I still think it will be good fun for my children to see. IMG_1280IMG_1281IMG_1282

Again I drew all the illustrations and wrote the stories by hand.

Well those are my scrapbooks, and really, since they come from a very fluid creative place it would be difficult to show you how to make your own. Besides which, scrapbooks aren’t exactly rocket science, I’m sure that you all have huge brains and can make your own scrapbooks without me holding your hand. I just hope that these might inspire you to create your own beautiful scrapbooks.

Well that’s really all from me. I hope that you forgive my lack of posting on Monday. I will get my act together soon, promise.

Until next time.