Thursday, May 29, 2014

Mrs Egeland’s Day Off

I’m bringing you this post a bit late. Why? Today is Thursday, 29th of May, in Norway it’s a holiday. So I played hooky from my computer to enjoy a date day with my husband. We have been having some beautiful weather just lately, and today was no exception. The sun shone, it was almost 20 degrees Celsius, it was a perfect day to be walking around the city and enjoying the weather.

IMG_1157[1]We started by walking through G├ągaten (which translates to Go or Walk Street, because it is a pedestrian zone), since today was a holiday not many shops were open, mostly only restaurants, and snack shops. Then we headed down to Skostredet, to the Art Quarter, if you can call it a quarter and into the coolest place, in my opinion in Bergen the Roll&Rock bar and diner.

There we enjoyed an ice cold pils, sitting in their outdoor space, as we listened to classic rock and roll music from the 50’s and 60’s. Ah bliss! One of the few places in Bergen where an old style soul can feel at ease.

After we had finished our pils we decided to take a walk through the city, we ended up in Marken, another pedestrian zone, where we stopped at Little Taste of Indian and enjoyed a wonderful meal! We sat outside in the sunshine, my husband had the Malabar Prawns Masala, and I had Gosht Dall Masala, we were served fluffy jasmine rice and had Naan bread. Its a while since I had a curry in an Indian restaurant, the last time was May 2013 in Britain. That was a delicious meal, and this was just as delicious! I was so full, but I could have eaten it again as soon as I was finished.

So we left there and slowly because we were quite full walked back into the centre of the city and down to Bryggen. As we looked over the quay, we were greeted by the sight of some beautiful vintage and classic cars.IMG_1165[1]

Firstly, a 1920’s Mercedes Benz Excalibur. I drooled, I love classic and vintage cars. They are so indicative of their eras, they transport you to the era they were built.

Secondly, a beautiful Cadillac. IMG_1168[1]I didn’t find out the year this one was built, but I’m guessing its from the 1950’s.

The wide radiator grill, the hooded headlamps. The tail wings, the interiors, everything just speaks of the wealth and optimism of the 50’s.



I would have loved to have been wearing a big A line dress, white gloves, a straw hat, a basket handbag and some kitten heels and climbed inside this beautiful machine. Sigh!

There was also some more modern cars, and a circa. 1960’s Plymouth, which I didn’t manage to get photographs off, unfortunately.

After looking over these spectacular machines we went in search of ice cream. In Britain we have a 99, its a soft serve ice cream in a cone with a Cadbury’s flake pushed into the ice cream. In Norway we have Soft Is (Soft Ice), and its about twice the size of an English 99, traditionally it comes with sprinkles in the flavour of your choosing. So in that glorious sunshine and after a wonderful meal we indulged in some delicious ice cream.

It was the perfect end to a perfectly lovely day. So all of that is why this post was later than usual.

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Monday, May 26, 2014

Designing Decor: A Discussion Of My Style

IMG_1109I bought these candelabras just lately from Kremmehuset. There are silver coloured, and that’s why I bought them. I just love silver plated items, I have the beautiful silver plated tray for the same reason. I like to buy things that look like they might have been bought whilst I was abroad. I like to try and have a somewhat colonial feel to my home. I’m a traveller, I want my house to tell people that.


So if you look around my apartment you will see things that might have come from somewhere else. The geometric monochrome area rug for example. It was originally purchased from IKEA, but I think it has an exotic feeling almost as if it came from North Africa, at least in the context I put it in.

I like having artwork that reflects the places I’ve been. So I try and buy some sort of artwork wherever I go. There are paintings that I have bought when I was single, that are in boxes at my parents home in Britain, but maybe if we get to move back then I can add it to the pieces I have here.

Luckily my husband too has accumulated things whilst he was single that were or could have been bought abroad. Like the poster of Jerusalem which he bought home as a souvenir of his trip, or the ceramic bowl given to him (probably) by his grandparents. IMG_1124

IMG_1110I think that I can be forgiven for attempting to marry this colonial-esc style with a touch of retro country cottage. They tie in well together and make a very cohesive look, bringing a sense of luxury to my small but attractive little flat.

Well that’s what I wanted to say. Perhaps this might be interesting and inspiring to any that might wish to blend two styles together. Please subscribe and comment.

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Mrs Egeland’s Note: I just wanted to mention that I made a soap from my leftover soaps just lately, it had never occurred to me to try before, but then after watching Wartime Farm and Ruth Goodman I decided to have a go myself. It’s a strange shape and very multi-coloured but anything to save a few pennies and stave off the moment I have to buy some more.