Thursday, May 08, 2014

Mrs Egeland’s Latest Reads

Dearest Readers,

I should firstly like to apologise for my absence on Monday. Unfortunately ill health prevented my usually inspired brain from writing anything more difficult than a SMS.

Secondly I should like to show you the photograph I was unable to show you on Thursday 1st May, and the completed product modelled, of course, by myself. IMG_1032


Back To Books

So let’s get back to today’s topic of blog-versation… (yeah, yeah I know, so I made up a word!)

I thought that today I would talk to you lovely people about two books that I have been reading just lately. One of them I have had quite a while and the other I got on Tuesday, as a present from my long suffering hubbie.

So first of all let’s talk about:


A No-Nonsense Handbook for Modern Families. By Biff Raven-Hill

This Is What The Blurb Says: The Wartime Housewife brings old-fashioned values and skills to our very modern world! In this book, she shares recipes and tips on budgeting, repairing things, mending and scavenging; ideas for the school holidays, outings, gardening, DIY, sewing and craft; and anything else that might prove useful in your daily life.

It goes on, but you can read it yourself if you decided to buy this gem of a book. I have to say I bought this book after becoming a fan of Ms Raven-Hill’s blog of the same name and then reading her post about her new book. It is exactly what any sensible woman could want, or in fact any sensible person. It’s funny and witty, but sensible and down-to-earth too. It has even a few home medicine recipes for a variety of irritating but slight conditions. It’s like the very old fashioned book “Enquire within” which I have always wished to have a copy of but will likely never acquire. In fact, Biff Raven-Hill is my inspiration and I just hope that my modest blog will eventually one day be amongst such greats as hers.

I especially enjoyed her anecdotes, the killing machine cat and her insights on good manners are spot on. This is a really useful little book, and I would whole-heartedly recommend anyone buying it, from students or young people starting up home to well-worn homemakers looking for a lift and some good ideas.

Book Two

Save With Jamie


120 Tasty Money Saving Meals. By Jamie Oliver.

This Is What The Blurb Says: This book will teach you how to cook tasty, nutritious food on a budget. I’m talking big flavours, comfort food that makes you feel happy, and colourful optimistic dishes. Every recipe is great value and cheaper per portion than an average takeaway. Its time to get Kitchen Smart. (You can practically hear Jamie Oliver)

This was a wonderful present that my darling husband bought me, based on the fact that whilst watching Jamie’s Save With Jamie TV show I said I wished I had the cook book. I have always been a fan of Jamie Oliver’s, in 2012 I got the chance to go to Jamie’s Italian in Norwich. The food was more than delicious, it was exquisite. In fact, had they allowed it I would have pitched a tent in the place and eaten like a queen!

This book is right up my alley, its full of inspirational recipes and just like the show it teaches you first how to make a “mother ship” dish. A “mother ship” dish being a slightly more expensive Sunday Lunch or Weekend meal for example… Roast Chicken, Roast Brisket, Roast Pork or Roast Lamb. Really its getting back to the way our great grandparents, and grandparents used to cook. Making a huge Sunday lunch and then eating up the leftovers through the week, and believe me when I say “WOW!” because the leftovers aren’t re-heated sad affairs, oh no! These left overs will knock your socks off! I am dying to do a weeks shopping and try out some of them.

I will admit it, I thought I was the queen of leftovers, but after reading this book I’m an eager amateur in comparison. I will say that reading this book made me homesick, again! For which I don’t know whether I should be grateful or irritated. Whichever I’m thrilled with the book. This is a great book for any family head trying to tighten the budget.

So What’s The Verdict?

These two books are really great if you are struggling with a smaller economy than you have been used to, or you have lived on a small budget a long time and want a few fresh and clever ideas. A useful addition to any home library and I’m really pleased that they are part of mine.

Until next time.