Thursday, May 01, 2014

Away From My Desk

Hello lovely readers,

I am currently away from my desk and this post comes from my iPhone. I however didn't want to disappoint anyone that may have noticed my posting pattern of Mondays and Thursdays. So I wanted to briefly tell you that I am enjoying a relaxing long weekend with my darling husband, a mini break, since here in Norway the first of may is a bank holiday. I will be back at my desk by Monday, ready once more to inspire your creative juices into yet more clever and attractive projects. So for now you will have to forgive me and be content with this note. I have been knitting and were I able to post a photo from my phone here I would show you.

Knitting for me is very organic as I hardly ever follow a pattern, which is why you will never see one here at Mrs Egeland's. Anyway, I hope you all have a wonderful rest of week and fantastic weekend.

Until next time.


Monday, April 28, 2014

Domestic Divines: Raquel Gonzalez

Another first for me here at Mrs Egeland’s, I have never ever done an interview! But I have met lots of very interesting people, and since my new mission is to bring you more ideas and creative ways to be inspired I decided it was about time that I introduced you all to some of the very creative people I know.

Avant Garde Cosmopolitan

Facebook RaquelMs. Raquel Gonzalez Setien is originally from Bilbao, Spain. However to stamp her as anything less than a well-travelled European would be to deny her vast amount of life experiences from all over the world. She now lives in Bergen, Norway although she still travels regularly across the wide world, dashing from New York to Dominican Republic without batting her dark eyes.

I met this avant garde cosmopolitan about two or three years ago, although I had heard of her before meeting her whilst I lived in Stockholm and in fact we can boast of knowing quite a few of the same people in that neck of the woods.

We are of the same breed, Ms Raquel and I, two non-conformists in a conformist country. We have neither of us taken the road most travelled, Ms Raquel is a pioneer of the unique, if such things exist in this world anymore.

Tapping For Inspiration

She has created a corner of serenity in her charming, period apartment from IMG_0917where she scales the conformist world. It was whilst sitting on her corduroy sofa that I asked her a few questions:

  • How would you describe your style?

My style… well my style is really, well eclectic. I enjoy taking, what I consider as the best from each place I have visited, country or even era and blending it. Really then, my style doesn’t fit into any definite design aesthetic.

  • If someone were to give you a housewarming present, what would you hope it would be?

To be honest, I love getting presents of food. Here food is always welcome, and welcoming. Otherwise I love getting things from other countries.

  • In what aspect of your life do you think you are most creative?

Food. I don’t always have a lot of energy, but food for me is a way to create something beautiful and delicious without expending a huge amount of energy. In that way, you can create something small.

  • IMG_0928Is there a favourite piece of furniture/art/clothing or decor in your life?

My amber lamp. I have lots of things that I love, but particularly the amber lamp. I bought it with my first pay check about 17 years ago and I just love amber.

  • If the worst happened and you had to rush out of your home and never return what is the one thing you wouldn’t be able to leave behind?

Hehe, I will be brutal and mercenary and say my purse. It has everything that’s important, money, ID and my phone. Its also very pretty.

  • If you could go back in time to a period in your life or history, when would you go?

I would go back to childhood, or maybe my time in Sweden. Those where times of discovery, of growth, when I learnt the most about myself and my surroundings.IMG_0855

  • What is your latest project?

Well, the last month I have been preparing a chocolate course for beginner chocolate connoisseurs. I’d like to take that further, making chocolate, which is something of a passion of mine, into my business.

  • What is your passion?

That’s easy, food and travel.

  • If there was one thing about your life that you could change, what would it be?

Oh, well, if I’m completely honest I’d change two things. I’d have more energy to do the things I love and I wouldn’t live in Norway.

Note From Mrs Egeland: We are in no way saying anything against Norway. Please come and visit this beautiful country and enjoy its dramatic landscape. Not everyone was made to live everywhere, but sometimes we don’t always have the option to move.

Ms Raquel’s apartment, in my own opinion is Modern Vintage in style. Of course she is right that her style is eclectic, and it is that eclecticism that is stamped all over her apartment. From the chalk board painted door, the newspaper-ed  door and the general feeling of cosy chic-ness, the whole place is a testament to her well-travelled life. Her vintage touches don’t overwhelm her home, this isn’t a vintage home, she’s not living in a reproduction of 1940. However they do add a comforting dash to her already welcoming environment. Below are some photographs of her apartment that illustrate the whole style, and I hope they inspire you in your own home as much as they have me.














These last two photographs came from Ms Raquel’s small but well-appointed bathroom. They are vintage advertisements for Norwegian beauty products. They add that hint of classy luxury in a small and multi-use bathroom.

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Until next time