Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Wearing Your Geek on the Inside

Hmm... how to start this blog post?

To be honest I've been saying quite a lot recently that I "wear my geek on the inside", meaning that most people on a superficial acquaintance of me would not know that I am in fact a HUGE geek. I love Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who, graphic novels, movies made of graphic novels (ie comic books), The Big Bang Theory, Glee, Sherlock Holmes movies and the Sherlock BBC series... and basically my list could go on and on to infinite and beyond (Yes, I also love animate movies). If you read any or all of my blogs you will probably find a number of things I talk about regularly and am animated about. I am a passionate person, but most of the time I talk about the passions that are seen to be "less geeky" in public, such as interior design, cooking and other rather domestic things. So that I seem not to be the actual geek that I am. I'm a hidden geek, sometimes I don't mind showing my passion for the 1950's or the times gone by, but I don't think of those things as "geeky". I think of those things as part of a subculture, that has recently become excessively popular thereby no longer being a true subculture... dang nabbit!

However, just recently I have been watching, with interest, entertainment and regularity the Vlog Brothers videos on Youtube and heard alot of Don't Forget To Be Awesome and Nerdfighters. Not only do I find them interesting, witty and somewhat endearing (forgive me, I've always had a special place in my hearts for cute geeks) but they have got me to thinking about my own geekdom. Believe me when I tell you that I am a mega super Geek, with a Capital G. I could probably explain my inner geekdom but then you would probably be bored to tears by this post and stop reading about now. No, I'd much rather discuss the inner Geek we all have inside us, even the popular kids at school have a little slice of geek in their souls. After all in everyone alive there is a little part of their personality who isn't just passionate about a subject, but has also become the worlds greatest expert on the subject, and lives and breathes for everything remotely related to said subject.

We all, at some point in our lives become, or are, social awkward. Heck! The British have been social awkward for centuries. Yet out of that awkwardness come comedy, an ability to laugh at yourself, and so the social awkwardness becomes less and less as we grow less and less worried about who's laughing at us and realise that we should be laughing at ourselves. So back to my point, we can all be geeks, we can all become Nerdfighters (thanks John and Hank) we can all embrace our inner social awkwardness and passion for "geeky" things. We ARE all Geeks! We can applaud the out and proud Geeks, who don't wear their geek on the inside, who are proud of their geekdom and wear it where everyone can see it. Praise be to those people brave and proud to wear t-shirts of their favourite Sci-Fi movies in public, or who have tvshow theme songs as their ring tones, or own and use movie memorabilia lunch boxes over the age of 10. Praise be to you brave souls who are true to themselves and wear their Geek loud and proud. I am not worthy, I will continue, unsuccessfully, to hide my geekdom and wear it on the inside. I will continue to be engaging and fun while not mentioning the hours I spend on Youtube and other streaming sites watching The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, Sherlock and Doctor Who. Unless I meet a proud out Geek, and then I will show my true colours and discuss in depth the new Star Wars 7 movie and its possible release date.

Lets not only live and let live, but give the due respect to the "socially awkward", to the Geeks, Nerds and others who aren't, or who don't feel popular or that they fit in. You are the GREATS, the world changers, the money makers who will soon be giving us jobs. We praise you and hope that when you've changed the world you'll remember us fondly and give us a reasonably paid job. Us Inner Geeks salute you, and if so necessary we will help you get revenge on the insecure who picked on you and us, so long as its only flushing their heads in the toilet, or throwing slushies.