Friday, January 11, 2013

So Sick Of White...

Walls, white furnishings and white decor. I'm officially DONE with Shabby Chic and if I see one more decoration magazine with an ALL white layout I may be physically sick! Okay, so perhaps I'm overreacting, and dramatizing just a tad.
White as a colour is not a bad thing, this I can agree on, white china, white linen and my total favourite white paper are some of my most loved items and ideals... if you like. After all they are practically parts of our heritage! The problem I have starts from a few places: 1. my creative, vivacious and definitely COLOURFUL personality. If you've been reading anything at all from this blog you will know what I mean! 2. Years and years of living in white walled houses, rented houses that meant I couldn't let my enormous creative flair out on to my walls and 3. the overwhelming amount of WHITE in home decor the last 20/30 years.

I honestly can't imagine that I'm the only one who is bored of the dull flat white/shabby chic/frenchified decor we have been seeing since as long as I can remember. I have books on Modern Vintage, with colour and vintage furniture... my favourite thing to drool over, I watch home decor programs with graphic wallpapers and zesty colours, so I know that somewhere out there are options besides the ever so dull and really done to death all white decor. Yet I'm still faced with reams and reams of pictures on places like Pinterest of the white dullness. Its true that I'm probably getting on my soapbox for something that really I can't change or would want to change, because as much as I can't stand ALL WHITE every single piece of furniture, I realise that there are people out there who love it.

Personally I feel like its sterile, or perhaps over decorated... too primped. I'm not a neat freak myself, I hate to see clutter but I don't want to live in a place that is SO well put together that I feel like noone lives there. In fact when I come home from vacation to my spotless apartment, which hasn't been lived in, well it just doesn't feel like home till I've made some dirty dishes and put something down on the table. I like seeing things like a coffee table book, some family photos and knick-knacks around... I like having photos or artwork from places I've travelled too, I like bright feature walls and bedrooms that feel like cocoons. I love colour, and I wear colour, so why shouldn't my home do the same. White is a blank state. White china is for creating marvellously colourful and delicious dishes on, white linen is for dreaming impossible dreams whilst lying beneath and white paper is for writing or drawing new and amazingly colourful and vital ideas on. I, personally, don't think of my home as a white state for me to live my life on, I think of it as the cocoon or a crystalis, a part of me, where I can grow and just like small children need stimuli to grow and develop, I want my home to be filled with inspiration and life for me to be inspired and live, developing every day a fresh.

I want my home to be a greeting card to my personality, to my family. Well, at least I strive for that, every thing is a work in progress after all, right? I want to have white in its proper context, alongside its spectrum relatives and cousins. Surely we should have a varied colour palate in our lives, as much as we need a varied food palate. So I've had my rant, I feel a bit better for expelling that into the realms of interwebs... ;) Thanks for listening, and I hope that somehow it was interesting and perhaps thought-provoking.